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Home Preservation and Repair

Are you a homeowner needing help with repairs?
Home Preservation and Repair is a home repair program which uses volunteer labor to substantially reduce the cost of home repairs for qualified homeowners.

Partner homeowners must have a need for the repairs, an ability to pay for materials, subcontractor services and project support cost through a zero interest loan or one-time payment, and have a willingness to partner with Habitat.

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County wants all partner homeowners to have a safe, attractive and efficient home, which leads to better communities.

Each project will be designed and planned in consultation with the partner homeowner. The final scope and cost of the project will be determined by Habitat and work will not be performed without homeowner approval.

Need for Repairs
Our program includes interior and exterior work. Examples of needs include but are not limited to:

  • Peeling Paint

  • Leaking and/or worn roof

  • Unsafe porch, steps, railings, floors

  • Overgrown landscaping

  • Weatherization needs

  • Accessibility Issues

  • Other repairs

Ability to Pay

Applicants must be able to repay for the project through monthly installment payments or a one-time payment. Habitat serves those who have a stable income between the 30%- 60% HUD Area Median Income Limits. This is calculated by using the income before taxes. Habitat has the ability to count Food and Nutritional Services, SSI and other government assistance as income.

Willingness to Partner

Applicants must own and be living in the conventionally built home in need of repairs. Habitat requires a commitment to the community by having lived or worked in Lincoln County for the last 12 months. Applicants must be willing to perform "sweat equity" hours by working alongside volunteers. Alternative contributions can be approved if you are physically unable to participate in the project.


Here are only three requirements you must meet to be potentially eligible for our programs:

A Need for a Decent, Affordable Home, including but not limited to:

Homeownership Program

  • Substandard Housing

  • Overcrowding

  • Living in Temporary Housing

  • Current Resident of Public Housing

  • Currently paying an unaffordable amount for housing

Repair Program

  • Peeling Paint

  • Leaking and/or Worn Roof

  • Need of Wheelchair ramp

  • Unsafe porch, steps, railings, floors

The Ability to Pay

Homeownership Program

  • The 20-30 year Affordable Mortgage

  • Stable income between the Income Limits based on Family Size

Repair Program

  • Subcontracted labor and Materials for Repairs

  • Stable Income between the Income Limits based on Family Size

The Willingness to Partner with Habitat

Homeownership Program

  • Complete a set number of Sweat Equity Hours

  • Attend Financial and Homebuyer Education Courses

  • Construction on yours and others Habitat Home

  • Complete installment payments towards Required Closing Cost

  • Worked in Lincoln County for the past 12 months

  • Lived in Lincoln County for the past 12 months

Repair Program

  • Must own and live in a conventionally built home

  • Willingness to help complete Repairs if able

  • Worked/Lived in Lincoln County for the past 12 months


Apply for Services

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln County currently offers two service programs:

  • Habitat Homeownership Program

  • Home Preservation and Repair Program

Are you interested in becoming a Habitat Homeowner? Complete the form below to request more information.


Please email us at or 704-748-1800 if interested.

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